Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm a Snob.

The other day, while i was in the shower, I reached for my pump bottle of shampoo only to realize that I was out. The pump was dry, there was barely enough soap inside the bottle to finish that shower. When I got out, I instantly went to Amazon to see where I could buy my beloved BedHead shampoo and FAST. I was price checking at various websites, texting a friend at a salon, and scouring Amazon pretty much all at once when my husband finally asked me why I didn't just use some of the shampoo we have for guests.

Now, really, that's a fair question. Shampoo should not cause panic. But you know what? There are some things i'm just really "snobby" about. I need my brand I know and love, and I need it now. So, it got me thinking - what else am I a snob about?

-Bathing suit tops. I won't wear a top that doesn't have actual cups. These girls need all the support they can get. Victoria's Secret is a big favorite because I can order by cup size and mix and match whatever I want.
-Blush. I swear forwards, backwards, and upside down by Hint from Bare Minerals. Also in this category is my warmth bronzer. I'm scared of other brands.

-Dry shampoo. For my blonde hair, a powder works perfectly and there's none better that Blow Pro's "Faux Dry" shampoo. Also it's funny every single time I tell someone I need to buy more Blow.

-My hair. I still drive 2 hours to my hometown to have the same woman do my hair every six weeks. It's half the price of northern VA and I like the people. Plus I usually get a home cooked meal or two out of it.

-Running shoes. In no world would I go for a run outside without my Brooks. Unless I was being chased and wasn't prepared, which isn't likely. I have 2 pairs and one is always in my car. You just never know.
-Cameras. I'm a Nikon girl through and through, although this is as much about years of use as it is brand snobbery. I feel like i'd be starting all over if I switched! My D3100 and I are bff's though, so she won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Are there things that you absolutely have to have a certain brand of? Or habits you just can't break? I'd love to hear i'm not alone!


JumpingJE said...

VS bathing suits are the greatest! So flattering!

Tracie Everyday said...

girl, I am such a snob about some things too! Jeans are one of them for me, I have spent hundreds on cheap jeans that wear out quickly, don't fit quite right, and/or don't make my butt look awesome because they were less expensive. I have learned, go with what you like no matter what it is. Then, you save time and money :)

Courtney W. said...

Diet Pepsi. Tide. Estee Lauder Daywear. Bounty. I'm such a brat about certain brands, you're not alone!

Angela Wiebe said...

Great Post Idea!! I am also a snob about my shampoo!

Ashley W said...

I am SUCH a snob about my shampoo, too! I can add coffee, underwear, and sunglasses to my list as well!